Barnsdall Foundation Gives $25,000 in Facilities Grants

Great news! Barnsdall Art Park Foundation has approved $25,000 worth of grants towards important long-term purchases for Barnsdall facilities. We have offered $5000 to each of the 5 facilities at Barnsdall — the Art Center, the Junior Art Center, the Gallery Theatre, the Municipal Art Gallery, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House — and have worked closely with the city staff and other support organizations to identify the most needed items.

New Piano purchased through BAPF grants

New Piano purchased through BAPF grants

To date, we have dispersed approximately $18,000 of the total funds. Purchased so far:

  • A brand new piano for the music program at the Junior Art Center
  • A Bonny Doon hydraulic press for the jewelry program
  • State-of-the-art Sennheiser microphones for the Gallery Theatre
  • Patio furniture for the Gallery for use during its openings and events
  • New mahogany countertops that match the original kitchen countertops in Hollyhock House

Your generous tax-deductible donations and wine tasting tickets have made these important gifts possible. Please donate to help us keep Barnsdall as a vibrant and dynamic center of activity!