Barnsdall Outdoor Movies: “Swingers”

A modern Hollywood classic returns to the neighborhood — join us for our inaugural Barnsdall Outdoor Movie Night, where we will be screening the 1996 film “Swingers,” starring Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, and Heather Graham, written by Jon Favreau, directed by Doug Liman.

SCREENING: The screening of “Swingers” will begin at 8pm. We will request a $10 suggested donation if you wish to see the film but do not want to participate in the Beer Tasting. COME EARLY TO SECURE A PLACE ON THE LAWN!

We are excited to be showing “Swingers” as our first outdoor screening, as it has become a modern classic – the seminal film depicting this always-changing neighborhood. The screening will take place on the West Lawn of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, perched on the beautiful Olive Hill.

BEER TASTING with SILVERLAKE WINE: From 5:30 به 7:30PM, Silverlake Wine will be presenting our Beer Tasting, offering four unique selections of artisanal beers. Come early, have some beer, and secure your spot in front of the screen. Cost is $25, which includes the $10 suggested donation for the screening.

All profits from the screening of “Swingers” and the Beer Garden will benefit Barnsdall Art Park Foundation programs and projects, مانند رایگان یکشنبه کلاسهای آموزش هنر برای کودکان و خانواده ها در جامعه, as well as capital projects like the Monument Sign and restoration of the Hollyhock Motor Court.

غذا: بیاورید که به پیکنیک بروند.! قابلی ندارد به آوردن مواد غذایی خود را, نوشیدنی های غیر الکلی, و یک پتو; اما, NO مشروبات الکلی خارج مجاز خواهد بود.

همچنین, the Coolhaus truck will be selling unique and delicious ice cream sandwiches, including a special Movie Night flavor, Guinness Chip And the famous Let’s Be Frank hot dog truck will also be there, selling their 100% grass-fed beef hot dogs and family-farmed pork sausages.

We will also have a concession stand selling popcorn, soda, water, and candy.

پارکینگ: پارکینگ رایگان در بالا و پایین از پارک Barnsdall هنر در دسترس می باشد. پارکینگ نقص در بالا در دسترس است. Additional parking is also available at the Kaiser lot, که شما می توانید در بلوار غروب آفتاب را وارد کنید. فقط شرق ورمونت.

سیاست: در این رویداد از آب و هوا و یا لغو رویداد, a rain check will be provided for the rescheduled Barnsdall Movie Night.

کودکان زیر 21 will be allowed in but will not be permitted to consume alcohol. Valid Photo ID is required to partake in the Beer Tasting.

سگها و حیوانات در دسته سه تایی در مناطق پارک عمومی مجاز به حق در خارج از چمن غرب, but are not permitted inside the gated West Lawn area.

Presented by the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation, and co-sponsored by the Department of Cultural Affairs.

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