Barnsdall ورود به سیستم پارک اختصاصی در دسامبر 8

در دسامبر 8, the eagerly awaited entrance sign to Barnsdall Park was dedicated at 9:30بر. Officiating were Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti and City Councilmember Tom LaBonge.

Barnsdall Sign Dedication

Also in attendance were Barnsdall Art Park Foundation co-Presidents Marshall Lewy and Jack Wiant, گروه تفریح ​​و پارک’ Marc Mariscal, مدیر اداره امور فرهنگی اولگا Garay, and many members of the city staff of Barnsdall Art Park.

The completion of construction for the sign is the culmination of a project that the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation launched in September 2005, shortly after Barnsdall Park reopened after a significant renovation. “It’s been a long process and a major undertaking for a volunteer organization,گفت: "مارشال Lewy, co-president of the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation. “The new sign has been our priority since the park reopened, "او ادامه داد:. “A key objective of the Foundation is to let the residents of Los Angeles know they have a major cultural landmark in their midst.”

اگرچه طراحی برای نشانه نقطه عطفی, توسط سوسمن Preja, one of Los Angeles’ premiere design firms, had been approved by the Cultural Heritage Commission at the time of the park renovation, funding was not available to complete it. The lack of a sign at the park became a major concern. Working with the city’s Departments of Recreation and Parks and Cultural Affairs, the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation launched the sign project in September 2005.

“Having the support of both Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge and the CRA/LA was essential,ادامه Lewy. “Once we proved that the Foundation could raise the necessary funds, ما در راه ما بودند. "

The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation raised the majority of the funds for the project, with additional support from the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles. The Hollywood Arts Council, یک شریک کلیدی در پروژه از ابتدا, secured additional funding from AT&T, Edison International and Occidental Petroleum.

"زمان بندی کامل است, since Hollyhock House has recently been added to the National Register of Historic Places and is currently up for designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,گفت: "Lewy.

Former Foundation board member and architect Jim Heaton III was the project manager. هیتون shepherded: برنامه ریزی, construction and installation, with assistance from former Foundation co-Presidents Cheryl Johnson and Nyla Arslanian. Vomar Products of Canoga Park fabricated and installed the landmark sign.

The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation is committed to nurturing Barnsdall Park’s legacy as a dynamic and vibrant cultural, هنرمندانه, and recreational center. علاوه بر تکمیل پروژه علامت, the Foundation funded kilns to help reinstate the art center’s ceramic’s program. همچنین, از آن به تازگی ارائه شده $25,000 نسبت به نیازهای دیگر, از جمله تجهیزات سمعی و بصری جدید برای تئاتر گالری, a new piano for the Barnsdall Art Center’s music program, a 20-ton manual press for the Junior Art Center, and restoration of the Hollyhock House mahogany countertops. It brings thousands of new people to the park each year with its successful summer wine tasting events, and offers free Sunday art workshops for children.