Exciting news from Barnsdall Art Park Foundation and Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Associates!

We have some exciting news to share with you:

Barnsdall هنر بنیاد پارک (BAPF), the support organization for all the entities at Barnsdall Art Park, و لس آنجلس شهرداری گالری همکاران (LAMAGA), the support organization for the Municipal Art Gallery, have joined together as a single non-profit group. Moving forward, we will be known collectively as the Barnsdall هنر بنیاد پارک (BAPF). Over the past few years, the two Boards have significantly enhanced marketing and programming efforts at the Gallery and Park. Through our efforts, it became clear that we would better fulfill our missions by strategically aligning. Joining together will allow us to offer even stronger support for the Gallery and the Park, and to save the resources required to maintain two separate organizations.

The Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park is the only city-funded gallery in Los Angeles devoted to exhibiting the work of local emerging, mid-career and established artists. We are proud to continue LAMAGA’s legacy of holding opening receptions, producing catalogues, funding artist fellowships and grants, capital improvements and all other forms of assistance the Associates have offered since the Municipal Art Gallery’s founding over sixty years ago.

What does this mean for you, our Foundation members and fellow supporters of the Park? You’ll likely notice a few small changesfewer emails yet more quality content, a variety of special events and exhibition openings, and special happenings for members.

We remain committed to our mission: to nurture the legacy of Barnsdall Art Park as a dynamic and vibrant artistic, cultural and recreational destination for Los Angeles and the world.

با تشکر از حمایت شما!


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Now Accepting Applications For Hollyhock House Volunteers!

The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation are now accepting applications for Volunteers to lead walking tours of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House at Barnsdall Art Park.

Applicants should:
-Have a general interest in art & معماری
-Be able to commit consistently to at least (1) 4 hr. shift a month, over a 1 yr. period
-Be comfortable speaking to a large group
-Understand the physical demands of a 45 min. walking tour
-Attend a training course consisting of 5 classes over 5 weeks. Weeknight and weekend schedule available.
Download the application form: Docent App
Send completed application form or questions to: jeffrey.herr@lacity.org
The highly anticipated re-opening of the Hollyhock House will be a very exciting time to be involved! Therefore, we anticipate a high volume of applicants. If you are chosen for this round, we will contact you within the next two weeks. If not, we will keep your application on file for future opportunities for a year. Thank you for your interest.
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Building a Better Barnsdall

barnsdallpark signSome of you may have seen the recent press in the Los Feliz Ledger and on Curbed Los Angeles about the increase in graffiti and homeless encampments at Barnsdall Park. The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation has been working steadily with City departments and members of the community to resolve these issues. Councilmember O’Farrell’s office called a meeting in late June that included representatives from all City departments responsible for Barnsdall Art Park, including: Recreation and Parks, گروه امور فرهنگی, and Los Angeles Police Department; as well as representatives from Barnsdall Art Park Foundation, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), and the East Hollywood Los Feliz Homeless Coalition.

Some progress has been made to improve the situation, but not enough. We badly need increased maintenance and security officers for our beloved park so that all the patrons who come to the park to take art classes, see an exhibition, or just to find a peaceful refuge or meet with friends, can find a beautiful and secure park. We have offered to be part of the funding solution for park maintenance, although ultimately we believe it is the City’s responsibility to secure and maintain the park.

We are in constant contact with our local officials about ways to resolve this situation, but we encourage everyone to contact the Board of Recreation and Parks, the Mayor’s office, and the offices of Council Districts 4 و 13, and let them know the importance of supporting Barnsdall Art Park with increased maintenance and security. Or you can email us at cleanup@barnsdall.org.

In addition to fundraising for programs and capital projects, we are committed to advocating for a strong future for Barnsdall Park and the preservation of Aline Barnsdall’s legacy. با تشکر از حمایت شما.

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Save The Date! Eat.Drink.Art. A Kaleidoscope of the Senses


Save the Date

Join us to celebrate ART in all its forms

September 13th at Barnsdall Art Park


A Kaleidoscope of the Senses

A Fundraiser benefiting The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

EAT: Food Trucks & Catering curated by Lesley Balla, renowned LA food and lifestyle writer

DRINK: Wine, Beer & Spirits curated by Silverlake Wine

ART: حراج خاموش, performance Art, and Participatory Art

MUSIC: KCRW DJ Dan Wilcox;

Live Performances by musicians featured on

“The Voice” “American Idol” و “The X Factor”

DATE: سپتامبر 13, 2014

VIP PREVIEW: 5:30 PM- 7:00 pm with tasting by Celebrity Chef Kris Morningstar,

featuring highlights from his soon to open restaurant “Terrine”


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Figures D’ombres: Les Dessins de Auguste Rodin

rodin banner full

Figures D’ombres: Les Dessins de Auguste Rodin

آمار اگوست رودین از SHADOWS (آمار SHADOW)

شامل طرح روی پارچه و آثار مکشوفه از


در لس آنجلس شهرداری نگارخانه

جولای 17 - اوت 17, 2014

در جشن سالگرد 50th از شهر بوردو و
شهرستان از لس آنجلس به عنوان شهرهای خواهر.

Rodin se for web copy

ارائه شده توسط

شهر لس آنجلس گروه امور فرهنگی
شهرستان بوردو
موزه D'ناحیه آکیتن
موزه Goupil
شهرهای خواهر لس آنجلس, وارز.
لس آنجلس شهرداری نگارخانه

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Barnsdall Art Center Summer Session!

مرکز Barnsdall هنر
جلسه تابستان 2014 برنامه هنر برای بزرگسالان
ثبت نام شروع می شود شنبه, ژوئن 28
شش هفته: دوشنبه, جولای 7, 2014 – روز شنبه, اوت 16, 2014

مرکز تاریخ و هنر
جلسه تابستان 2014 برنامه برای کودکان و نوجوانان
ثبت نام شروع می شود دوشنبه, ژوئن 23
شش هفته: دوشنبه, جولای 7, 2014 – روز شنبه, اوت 16, 2014

برای دانلود کامل تابستان جلسه برنامه اینجا را کلیک کنید!

در اینجا برخی از عکس های سرگرم کننده از دانش آموزان اخیر:

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Looking for Operations Director, Barnsdall هنر بنیاد پارک

***UPDATE, ژوئن 4: با تشکر از شما برای تعداد زیادی از رزومه ما را دریافت کرده اند! تمام رزومه به علت هستند 5:00ساعت ژوئن 5. Any received after this time will be held for future reference, but they won’t be considered for this round.

The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation

Position Profile – Operations Director

To apply: email your cover letter and resume with the subject heading “Operations Director” به info@barnsdall.org

The Search

The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation, an organization dedicated to the legacy of Barnsdall park as a dynamic and vibrant artistic, فرهنگی, تفریحی و مقصد لس آنجلس و جهان, is searching for an experienced and seasoned non-profit manager with focus in fundraising and development. As the key person who will lead and implement comprehensive fundraising strategies, liase with outside consultants and run the day-to-day operations of the foundation, the Operations Director will report directly to the Board of Directors. It is the Foundation’s intent to identify and engage the successful candidate as soon as possible with a target hire date of July/August 2014. This position is part-time (20 hours a week) with significant growth potential.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation is به nurture the legacy of Barnsdall Park as a dynamic and vibrant artistic, فرهنگی, تفریحی و مقصد لس آنجلس و جهان. This can only be achieved by working closely and collaboratively with all Barnsdall Art Park stakeholders.

The Job

We are looking to fill the position of Barnsdall Art Park Foundation Operations Director, a job that will require 20-30 hours per week, with the potential to grow into a full-time position.

This position is an excellent opportunity for someone with 5-10 years experience in non-profit/arts administration and looking to have a great deal of autonomy with a growing support organization at the heart of one of the most vibrant and historic centers for arts and recreation in Los Angeles.

Responsibilities Include:

Organize monthly board meetings including agenda creation, collection of minutes, board handbook and participate as required at the Board meetings

Oversee, enhance and advance the Foundation-produced events including the summer wine tastings, movie nights, etc. Manage the event coordinator for these events.

Communicate with board members and additional volunteers in fundraising and annual board giving activities

Manage all hired consultants to ensure that they are delivering on contractual objectives

Implement strategic plans as assigned by board of directors, including the strategic implementation of capital project campaigns

Innovate on earned revenue opportunities tied to merchandise store and newly formed ideas

Direct the planning, implementation, and administration of all contributed income programs – Individual (including membership), Corporate and Foundation

Required Experience

Event activation and implementation experience preferred

College degree, with professional credentials and courses in related management and fundraising topics. Advanced degree in arts or non-profit administration a plus

Experience with fund raising in Individual, Corporate or Foundation areas

Computer literacy, with basic knowledge of Word, spreadsheet and database capacities and experience in fundraising database management

Executive demeanor including outstanding planning, articulation and collaboration skills

Understanding of social media, technology and marketing

Compensation: To be commensurate with educational and professional experience.




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Ed Asner in “It’s Theatre, Darling” at Barnsdall Gallery Theatre


ED ASNER in “It’s Theatre, Darling”

10 Short Comedy Plays. A staged reading.



Michael Sadler, Denise Jaxon, Karen Malina White,

Felix Racelis, Dallas Bancroft, Dennis Safren,

James Schendel, Stuart Matranga.



John Fingal O’Donnell



شنبه. 3rd May 2014 در 7 p.m.



Barnsdall گالری تئاتر

پارک Barnsdall

4800 بلوار هالیوود.

لس آنجلس CA 90027.

(half block west of Vermont Ave)




$11 in advance, $13 (at door).


تلفن, 323.806.8770.

Limited seating, we suggest reservations. We will keep a list of reservations at box office. Please note early showtime, 7 p.m.

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C.O.L.A. 2014 شهرستان از لس آنجلس فردی هنرمند بورس

2014 COLA یاران نمایشگاه جایزه و Feitelson / نمایشگاه Lundeberg یاران

گروه امور فرهنگی & لس آنجلس شهرداری گالری هنر ارائه:

C.O.L.A. 2014

بصری / هنرمندان طراحی
استفان Berens
کریستین Calabrese
جنیفر Celio
النا Manferdini
جسیکا رات
راس Rudel
هکتور سیلوا
کوری استین
لیندا والیو
کنت و کوین جوان

هنرمندان ادبی
جن هوفر
گابریل Spera

موزه دار: اسکات خوش طبع


مه 4 تا ژوئن 15, 2014

باز کردن پذیرایی

یکشنبه, مه 4, 2:00 p.m. به 5:00 p.m.
توسط لس آنجلس شهرداری گالری همکاران میزبانی


2014 Feitelson / Lundeberg هنر نمایشگاه یاران
مه 4 تا ژوئن 15, 2014
شرایط برای عشق
رزا النا, 2014 دریافت کمک هزینه تحصیلی

برنده جایزه از لس آنجلس شهرداری گالری همکاران
اعضای هیأت منصفه: آماندا هانت, موزه دار, LAXART; حداکثر Presneill, مدیر / سرپرست, موزه هنر تورنس; و ایرنه Tsatsos, گالری مدیر / رئیس موزه دار,
مرکز اسلحه خانه برای هنر

C.O.L.A. 2014 رویدادها:

C.O.L.A. کارایی
یکشنبه, ژوئن 29 در 8:00 p.m.
اجرای بزرگ
350 خیابان بزرگ جنوبی
Los Angeles, CA 90071


جمعه, مه 9, 7:00 p.m.
جنیفر Celio
راس Rudel
لیندا والیو

جمعه, مه 16, 7:00 p.m.
رزا النا
Feitelson / Lundeberg Fellowship Recipient

روز شنبه, مه 24, 3:00 p.m.
Kent Young
کوری استین
جسیکا رات
کریستین Calabrese


روز شنبه, مه 24, 12:00 p.m. به 3:00 p.m.
روز شنبه, ژوئن 7, 12:00 p.m. به 3:00 p.m.

Free Admission to the Gallery and All Events

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