Barnsdall یکشنبه رایگان کارگاه های هنر

Art Workshops Every Sunday from 10am – 12pm at the Junior Arts Center

Barnsdall هنر / FOJAC و بنیاد Barnsdall پارک هنر ارائه کارگاه های هنر آزاد هر یکشنبه, bringing back the tradition of the park’s “Sundays Open Sundays” free art classes from years past.

IMG_9498In these times of school and municipal budget cuts, the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation has chosen to fund this program because it is a rare opportunity for kids in our community to receive free arts education. Please come by and join the growing numbers of families who are taking part!

A great activity for kids and families!

WHERE: JAC استودیو 1, پارک Barnsdall هنر, 4800 بلوار هالیوود, LA CA 90027
WHAT TO BRING: Nothing! All materials will be provided.

Upcoming workshops:

Click here to download the PDF schedule!


BAS SCHEDULE Dec Feb 2015-1

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Barnsdall هنر / FOJAC
Barnsdall هنر بنیاد پارک
گروه امور فرهنگی
دفتر اریک Garcetti، رئیس شورای شهر