Foundation Advocacy

Barnsdall Art Park Foundation advocates for the realization of Aline Barnsdall’s vision of the park as a dynamic and vibrant artistic, 문화적인, 로스 앤젤레스와 세상과 레크리에이션 대상.

The 문화청의 로스 앤젤레스학과의 도시 operates the programs at Barnsdall Park, the 레크리에이션 및 공원 부서 operates its grounds, 과 Department of General Services maintains the buildings. As a support organization, we work closely with curatorial, building, ground and administrative staff, as well as liaisons in the Mayor’s Office and the City Council, to understand the needs of the park and lobby to help preserve the fabric of the park and restore its historic structures.

We foster relationships with other support groups at Barnsdall Park, and with our neighbors such as Kaiser Permanente, Hollywood Arts Council, Los Feliz Improvement Association, East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, and SEE-LA, who run the Wednesday Farmer’s Market at Barnsdall park; We draw members and volunteers from across Los Angeles who donate their time and energy to our cause. And through our social media and email list, our community events such as 금요일 밤 와인 시음회, 야외 영화 박, 과 Barnsdall Art Sunday free workshops, and our membership program, we reach out to the community for support.