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Barnsdall Art Park Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to nurture Barnsdall Park as a dynamic and vibrant artistic, cultural, and recreational destination for Los Angeles and the world.

Since its founding, the Foundation has funded capital projects such as the ceramics kilns and the monument sign along Hollywood Boulevard. Through community outreach events, including Friday night wine tastings on the lawn of the Hollyhock House, Saturday outdoor movie nights, and fundraising galas, the Foundation has increased the visibility and awareness of Barnsdall Park. These events have brought thousands of Angelenos to Barnsdall for the first time. The Foundation organizes free art workshops every Sunday for the community. And by leading the efforts to consolidate the various non-profits on Olive Hill, the Foundation seeks to strengthen the voice of the Barnsdall community.

The Barnsdall Art Park Foundation continues to be a strong advocate for the needs of Barnsdall Art Park and those who use it every day.

Barnsdall Sign Dedication Your generous support will help us keep our great arts outreach programs running and to help the Foundation ensure that Barnsdall Art Park lives up to its potential as the cultural gem of Los Angeles.

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