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Our Mission

To nurture the legacy of Barnsdall Park as a dynamic and vibrant artistic, cultural, and recreational destination for Los Angeles and the world.

What is the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation?

IMG_20140818_171602Barnsdall Art Park Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that exists to support Barnsdall Park and the entities that call Olive Hill their home. We have been able to fulfill our mission by raising funds for large capital projects, smaller targeted grants for the Park and enhancing its individual programs, and organizing community outreach events that publicize the Park and create outside interest and support. 

The Park’s benefactor, Aline Barnsdall, gave the eleven and a half acres of Barnsdall Art Park to the City of Los Angeles in 1927 for the benefit of its citizens and to fulfill her vision of furthering enjoyment of art and architecture. In her bequest she stipulated that the site must “forever remain a public park…for the enjoyment of the community in general [and that] no buildings be erected except for art purposes.” The City of Los Angeles’s Department of Cultural Affairs operates the cultural and artistic programs at Barnsdall Park, while the grounds are maintained by the Department of Recreation and Parks.  

The jewel in the park is Frank Lloyd Wright’s incomparable Hollyhock House, currently shortlisted to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site – only the third such site in the entire state of California. In addition to Hollyhock House, the site houses the prominent Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, which provides a focus for art and artists across the City; the Junior Arts Center and adult art programs, which have attracted beginner and accomplished artists for over 80 years; and the Gallery Theatre. 

The Board 

The priorities of the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation are as follows:


To work with the City to focus on the immediate needs of the park to ensure it remains a dynamic and vibrant cultural center. In addition to our targeted facilities grants to satisfy immediate programming needs, such as the purchase of a new theatre curtain or jewelry press, we look to support sustainability with projects such as expanded gallery hours, Hollyhock House docent tours, re-striping the roadway to improve parking efficiency, purchasing trash bins for the Barnsdall Avenue entrance, and other important near-term needs.

40% of all available funds will be committed to this goal.

Capital Projects

To advance the restoration of Barnsdall structures by commissioning feasibility studies; research; and the establishment of long-term capital improvements, including Motor Court Restoration, Museum Store, spatial reorganization of Junior Art Center building, restoration of Residence A, Restoration of the Schindler terrace. 

30% of all available funds will be committed to this goal.


To cooperate with other entities at Barnsdall to augment existing programming, such as guest curator programs, artist residencies, and educational programs. 

20% of all available funds will be committed to this goal.

Organizational Development

In order to accomplish these goals we are allocating resources to the Foundation’s growth in areas such as grant-writing, fundraising, communications and website maintenance.

10% of all available funds will be committed to this goal.

The Board of Barnsdall Art Park Foundation plans to achieve these goals through:

  • Increasing Fundraising capacity: The Board has successfully expanded fundraising capacity through events such as the Wine Tasting Evenings, but we are seeking to develop other sources of funding such as membership and corporate giving that will enable us to achieve our long-term objectives of sustainability and restoration for Olive Hill and its resident entities.
  • Advocacy and Cooperation: The Board works with other groups to support Barnsdall Park in the public and political sectors, and to become a relevant voice for the park in the local community, art community, and beyond. 
  • Barnsdall Program Support: The Board has establish channels of communication to engage and inform volunteers, board members, patrons, students and employees of Barnsdall Art Park’s entities, to work together to strengthen our shared endeavor and identify the needs of the park.

The Board of Barnsdall Art Park